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History Will Not Absolve You

While the children of Operation Pedro Pan celebrate the death of tyrant, over the weekend the history revisionists, for the sake of contrarianism have tried to salvage something of Castro's legacy. If you're one of those people, please don't bother. Anybody who reads the Amnesty International report in the last year of Castro's reign, if he's honest enough will quickly give up any support for the communist regime he ran in Cuba. 
Castro came to public notoriety with the backing of the United States when he first attempted to overthrew the military coup under Batista in 1953. Cubans had be reeling for change ever since the Spanish-American war and Castro capitalised on their desperation but what replaced it was far short of liberation.

It wasn't difficult to turn people against Batista (who himself usurped power in 1952) and Castro had gained international attention when he lead a failed attack in Santiago De Cuba against a Cuban military base. Released after ju…