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Lets Not Ally Ourselves With Putin

I'm somewhat amazed, every now and again being confronted somewhere on social media by a fellow eurosceptic who offers praise of Vladimir Putin. Whether its Diane James, Lubos Motl, Donald Trump, Peter Hitchens, Nigel Farage, George Galloway or Marine Le Pen people have somehow worked their way into this odd line of thought that "my enemies' enemy is my friend" even when the subject of that redemption is an authoritarian war criminal.
Let me be clear, I voted to leave the European Union, I value the rule of law, parliamentary democracy and personal liberty. Which the EU has replaced with the endless political integration, an unelected ruling body of bureaucrats and a tidal wave of unamendable regulation which has made us both poorer and our markets less liberal. But when I extend that same political philosophy to what goes on in the Russian state, where journalists and dissidents are murdered, where anti-corruption opposition (Mikhail Khodorkovsky) are imprisoned an…