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A Vision for Global Britain

The Prime Minister is soon to make the defining speech of her carrier, as she prepares herself, her impassioned commitment to the referendum result swells strong like a fire fed by the wind. Within just hours of obtaining office, Theresa May assembled a committee for international trade and appointed its first trade minister, Liam Fox in over 43 years. She's taken every opportunity since to state that she wants "Britain to become a global leader in free trade".

Thus far these signs are encouraging. Free trade is an extension of free markets. It allows one to import goods without tariffs and creates competition for otherwise noncompetitive industries, to lower prices on goods and services and to generate wealth and income among impoverished and penurious countries.

It's what made the British Empire strong and in time, if we unlock its great perennial power will provide sustained growth in foreign countries far and above what could be achieved in foreign aid. As membe…