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Conservative Party Conference on Education Policy

Earlier this October Theresa May's Conservative Party Conference speech advanced the case for selective education in children that reach secondary school. She claimed that equal opportunity was more important that equality of outcome. That working class children would gain the benefits of their affluent counter parts and that grammar schools would improve the education system and opportunities for young hard working people.

Theresa May's policy, if you'll pardon the phrase is a no-brainier. At least it ought to be. Capitalizing on the demands of the electorate and seizing the center ground of politics, it's no wonder Theresa May comes as the most popular political leader of my life time. She plans to disavow of David Cameron's ill advised ban on grammar schools and open up a new wave of schools based on selective education.

We already have schools tailored for existing talents in music or sport. So why not schools for children with intellectual gifts? After all La…

A Simple Mathematical argument against Everett

Any question that we can formulate using quantum mechanics, like the expectation value of an electron's spin in two different states simultaneously, can be given an answer. Simply we can state it as being

P is the projection operator, so that it is a product of two other projection operators on the state of an electrons spin. Such that

These are both projection operators but on a subspace. So that the expectation value of the electron in state "up" corresponding to the first projection operator and expectation value of the electron in the state "down" corresponding to the second projection operator, are both one if the projection operator P is one. So that we have

Given that

We should see that 

We then have an answer for the probability of finding the electron in both states simultaneously

The probability of finding the electron in both the spin up and the spin down state is zero. By contrast the Everett or Many Worlds Interpretation imagines that both states …