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How did the UK become a member of the European Union?

The United Kingdom has been a member of the European Union since 1973 but the idea that the UK should be in a political union with parts of Europe was around much before this time, Winston Churchill suggested it in 1940 before France fell to the Nazis. Churchill wanted the UK and France to unite as a single country. With a single cabinet in control of the both defence and the economy. Since the quest of Normandy Britain and France have had close ties, with their future's being closely intertwined but the Franco-British Union (as it became known) was rather unthinkable, even for today.

It was first sold to Churchill as an idea by Jean Monnet and backed by the British cabinet (so long as an independent currency was maintained) the idea at the time was so that France could continue the fight against Germany without surrendering but of course history tells a different tale, France fell to the Nazis and they did indeed surrender and with it, for the time, went the idea of political un…